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A Long History of Cultivating Our Practices – Sustainable Operations

Our Sustainable Operations practice comes from years of DuPont experience.

Few people realize that DuPont’s first statement of environmental responsibility was published in 1938.  By 1948, the company was conducting its first pioneering baseline environmental studies at its plants.  In 1966, DuPont created its first Corporate Environmental Committee, leading to the first Safety, Health and Environmental Policy in the 70s.  Focused programs to manage land followed and the company’s first set of goals for environmental improvement was established in 1989. A long list of aggressive innovations and initiatives aimed at sustainable development followed. 

Throughout the 90s DuPont expanded its commitments, investing larger portions of its resources for the development of sustainable products and improvements to operational efficiency to reduce water and energy consumption, emissions and waste. 

By 2006, DuPont extended its sustainability goals to its value chains, committing to provide products and services that help reduce its customers’ environmental footprint.

DuPont applies and continually tests innovative approaches to assessing, visioning, goal setting, aligning its cultures and implementing the changes needed to reach and exceed its sustainability goals. This work results in a powerful but flexible set of smart, practical, no-nonsense principles, methodologies and tools that form the backbone of our Sustainable Operations practice.