Disaster Risk Reduction Infographic

As the discussion around climate change and Disaster Risk Reduction continues, there are 5 key facts about how the world and business will change that both public and private sector stakeholders should acknowledge.

1.      Disaster-related economic losses amount to hundreds of billions of dollars annually, and are projected to double by 2030. Since 1992, more than $2 trillion in damages have occurred.

2.      Between 70 and 85 percent of all new investment is generated from the private sector.

3.      Institutional investors currently manage assets worth more than 80 trillion US Dollars globally; much of this is given limited consideration to risk.

4.      In the years ahead, trillions of dollars will be invested in hazard-exposed regions. If those investments fail to take into account natural hazards and vulnerabilities, risk will continue to accelerate.

5.      Currently, the top 600 cities in the world account for half of the Global GDP and this is expected to increase to 60% by 2025. 

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