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Transformational Solutions Informed by Years of Practical Experience

DuPont Sustainable Solutions is committed to working in collaboration with our clients, building on their strengths to develop transformational solutions that grow out of their unique systems and cultures.

Our Approach

We use a classic approach to change management that is informed by years of practical experience within DuPont and refined by work with external clients across a wide range of industries and locations.

Overall, we implement this approach in five phases: 

1. Assess the Current State
We develop an understanding of each client’s current state by assessing current operations and management systems against the essential components of a world-class organization. During this phase, we establish the client’s level of performance and identify areas for improvement.

2. Envision the Future State
Our consultants present the case for change to senior leadership. During this phase, leaders are engaged and create the vision for an improved future state, which establishes their role in leading and sustaining that change.

3. Plan the Transition
Professional project managers from DuPont develop the change management plan and timeline based on assessment results and future state vision.

 4. Implement the Changes
DuPont teams work closely with the client at all levels of the organization and across four work streams – technology, people, process, and organization – to implement the plan.

5. Sustain and Improve
The client and DSS consultants identify opportunities for continuous improvement and a sustainable future state.