Powertrain & Engine System Components

Higher Performing Powertrain & Engine System Components

The drive to reduce emissions and improve fuel economy is urgent, making every powertrain and engine system component a candidate to improve efficiency, integrate function, reduce weight and lower cost – areas where DuPont excels.

Materials play a critical role in helping to reduce emissions, boost fuel economy and improve efficiency in powertrain technologies. DuPont offers the broadest portfolio of materials capable of withstanding today’s harsh engine environments and the most experienced and global development staff to ensure solutions developed today are on the road tomorrow.  

  • Increasing performance in automotive air ducts and turbocharger hoses
  • Leading the metals-to-plastics revolution in transmissions and driveline
  • Enhanced durability for extreme environments for sealed engine covers
  • Improving powertrain efficiency in charged air coolers 
  • Thermal management through lighter weight engine cooling systems