Hybrid & Electric Vehicles

Safe and Efficient Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Technologies

The more automakers can optimize performance, safety, and affordability in hybrid and electric vehicles, the more they will see consumers embrace these vehicles. DuPont offers innovative solutions in these areas.

For hybrid and electric vehicle technologies, DuPont helps automakers and OEMs design safe electrical systems. DuPont offers high-performance battery separators and is advancing battery chemistries that will improve hybrid electric vehicle range, recharge rate, and battery life.

Improved Performance: Our improved chemistries and materials for critical battery components boost kilowatt-per-hour and power capabilities. Prevent premature failures with materials that are the benchmark for traction motors and generators.

Lightweighting: Automakers can reduce weight up to 40% by using plastics instead of aluminum and steel. Our high-performance polymers and elastomers integrate functions and reduce space. Materials for electrical insulation systems help reduce the size and weight of components, which in turn helps increase fuel efficiency.

Safety: Improved insulation systems that draw from the broadest array of material choices prevent electrical discharge. Designers can improve battery pack performance with impact-resistant, flame-retardant materials and USCAR-rated thermoplastic materials that meet 650-volt system requirements. Our high-performance separators for lithium ion batteries provide stability at high temperatures.