Electrical & Electronics

Durable, Longer-Life Automotive Electrical & Electronic Systems

DuPont’s industry-standard materials and deep expertise help automakers improve safety while meeting the challenges of design flexibility and miniaturization for automotive electrical and electronic systems.

DuPont offers a broad range of materials for automotive electrical systems and electronic control systems and displays that can withstand extreme temperatures, high impact, vibration and attack by corrosive fluids while performing over a long lifetime. Our automotive electronics materials help lower costs and extend component durability and life.

Improved Performance: With a proven track record of withstanding temperature extremes and impact, DuPont ceramic-based circuitry is the global industry standard for use in underhood applications. DuPont fluoropolymers are frequently used in headlight and engine component wiring, and as a binder for battery electrodes.

Alternative Drive: Automotive electrical insulation systems for hybrid and electrical cars include DuPont™ Nomex® paper as well as DuPont™ Kapton® polyimide films, and wire enamels.  

Safety: DuPont makes advanced new safety systems possible, such as automatic blind spot detection, adaptive cruise control and parking assistance.