A Stronger, Lighter Automotive Chassis

Automakers face a growing need to reduce automotive chassis weight and cost while improving performance and safety. DuPont Automotive offers the materials, design technology, predictive engineering and processing capabilities required for innovative automotive chassis design.

From brake and steering systems to pedals, gearshifts, hoses, and more, the automotive chassis system’s myriad components are prime candidates for reducing weight and cost and integrating functions.

Lightweighting: Our experienced global development teams are experts at identifying lightweighting opportunities in automotive chassis, suspension and steering systems. Our highly engineered materials retain their strength and stiffness despite heat and chemical exposure and shed pounds in exhaust systems and other automotive chassis components.

Improved Performance: To help automakers capture a 1% to 4% improvement in fuel efficiency, our materials can help improve rolling resistance in tires by 10%. We are also constantly enhancing our benchmark materials (such as flexible materials for CVJ and other boots) to address stricter requirements and improve performance while reducing weight and cost.

Safety: We offer dozens of materials and innovative technologies in brake, suspension, and steering systems — all aimed at reducing weight and cost while improving safety.