Working Together Applying Science To Help Protect What Matters Most

A growing global population places increased pressure on people and the environment. DuPont is working with customers, partners, governments, NGOs, academics and other organizations to develop a vast range of materials, products and consulting solutions that help ensure the protection of life and the environment.  From protecting workers in factories around the world, to fans in sold-out arenas everywhere; from optimizing the safety of emergency responders to guarding our planet’s fragile ecosystem, collective ingenuity is making a difference where it matters most.

“For people to feel safe, their environment has to be safe. At DuPont we have more than 200 years of experience working to improve our operation, to reduce our footprint, to protect our people and the environment.”

Davide Vassallo
Global Practice Leader, DuPont Sustainable Solutions

“We’ve had a very positive relationship with DuPont. I think it’s essential to what I do, and to ensuring that our firefighters are safe. I want to continue to equip our firefighters with the best there is.”

Henry Costo
Battalion Chief, Philadelphia Fire Department