Working Together Towards Tomorrow’s Renewable Energy Solutions

Today, we face an energy challenge unlike any we’ve ever seen. While our supply of fossil fuels is depleting with every passing day, our demand for energy continues to rise. In fact, over the next twenty years we will consume nearly 36% more energy than we do now. How will we meet this demand? DuPont believes we must apply science to find more renewable energy solutions while making better use of the energy resources we have today. Partnering with governments, companies and NGOs, we’re better utilizing alternative energy resources like wind, solar and biofuels. We’re also hard at work creating innovative materials that make buildings more energy efficient and cars lighter in weight to reduce fuel consumption. DuPont science and the worldwide collaboration, together, can meet this daunting challenge and help secure our energy future with renewable energy solutions.

“The development of technology is a place where DuPont can really help with the process. Working with our partners, working with governments around the world, we’re looking to accelerate in areas such as photovoltaic materials and biofuels.”

-- Tom Connelly
EVP and Chief Innovation Officer

If we all work together, we’re confident we can meet the energy challenges ahead.