Nutrition and Health wins consumer Product of the Year with probiotic

DuPont Nutrition and Health’s HOWARU® Restore probiotic has received an ultimate market endorsement after Faulding® Probiotic (a HOWARU® Restore 25b capsule) has been named one of Australia's consumer products of the year by Retail World.

Rated by 7000 consumers in Australia’s biggest independent consumer survey, Faulding® Probiotic received top honours in the adult health category for 2012.

Symbion’s Consumer Products division launched Faulding® Probiotic 30s in pharmacies in May 2010. Since then, the product has seen strong sales, driving the launch of Faulding® Probiotic 90s last year.

‘When we decided to re-launch the Faulding® brand in 2010, we needed a lead product on which to build the brand,’ said Oskar Hakansson, Business Unit Director for Symbion Consumer Products. ‘We selected Faulding® Probiotic because of its unique patent protected formulation and the fact that it did not need refrigeration.

‘This allowed us to launch a truly differentiated product and the market responded accordingly.

‘This year (2012) Faulding received the Product of the year award from Retail World.

‘Following the success of Faulding® Probiotic, the Faulding brand continues to grow and the range now contains over 30 SKUs with many more to follow in the coming months.”

Stuart Butler, DuPont Nutrition & Health Sales Manager says the probiotic has proven a winner with Australian consumers.

‘We started with an innovative probiotic that had proven science in the market place, supported by industry teams within SAFI as well as on-site senior application specialists and up to date clinical and on-going shelf life testing,’ Butler said. ‘Combined with Symbion's industry leading marketing and distribution network, the final result is a premier product placed and voted at the very top of the Australian dietary supplement market.’