DuPont Sustainable Solutions launches operational excellence for Australasia

DuPont Sustainable Solutions has announced its operational excellence offering is now available in Australia and New Zealand. The offering supports companies across a wide range of industries to achieve world-class operational performance. This approach helps companies improve financial performance by increasing productivity and asset uptime, while also improving quality, human safety and environmental footprint.


“DuPont can draw on over 200 years of international experience in plant management,” says Bradley Van Staden, Principal Account Manager at DuPont Australia. “This means we’re in the unique position to be able to share best practice examples of how we’ve optimised productivity to achieve sustainable results not only within our own company, but with numerous external clients.”


The operational excellence offering, which is already available in other international markets, aims to assist with asset productivity, business integration, behaviour, development and process safety management.


CEOs across Australasia cite global competition, public accountability, investor expectations and rising plant demands as external factors putting pressure on companies to improve operational performance. These issues are at the forefront of DuPont’s offering to increase operational excellence in Australasia.


“We are working with companies across a range of industries to assess and manage their operational risks and improve productivity. We work with companies to release locked value to meet growth objectives and increase productivity” says Bradley.

“The process basically involves our DuPont experts observing and auditing the organisations processes to identify gaps within their operations. Following this we educate and advise that company on how to develop and measure their capabilities on existing processes.”


DuPont Sustainable Solutions is one of 12 DuPont businesses. Bringing customers the benefits of integrated global consulting services and process technology enterprise, it applies DuPont’s experience, history of innovation, problem-solving success, and strong brands to help organisations transform their workplaces and work cultures to become safer, more efficient and more environmentally sustainable.  Additional information is available at: